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It's not about the money.


It's about the freedom to create a life on your terms. 




Is your relationship with money holding you back?


What's NOT working for you?


  • Are you avoiding opening your mail? 

  • Telling yourself you’ll transfer money to your savings account next month?

  • Buying books and courses about managing money but not getting anywhere?

  • Setting yourself a budget once again but unable to stick to it?

You CAN take control of your finances, feel confident in managing your cash flow, and make a plan for growth (yes, it’s possible).

I work exclusively with women, like you, who want to change their relationship with money.

The core process


The first step of your journey looks at the heart of your money story. We will delve into how your underlying patterns and behaviours around money have formed throughout your life and where they originated from.    


The second step looks at how these patterns and behaviours relating to money are impacting you personally and financially. 

We will celebrate your strengths and untangle your money patterns and beliefs so that you can feel more confident and empowered with money. 


By the end of the core process you will have a clear understanding of your core money patterns.

You will be armed with practical, behavioural and spiritual exercises to shift your money mindset towards the traits that are necessary for an abundant in life.

What's your money type?



Much of what you think and feel, and how you act with money is unconscious, meaning that more often than not we're simply not even aware of how we’re making decisions with our money.


Without awareness of your programming around money, you are powerless to transform your relationship with it. How can you clear blocks that you're not conscious of?

How can you identify limiting beliefs or programming if you don't know what they are?


Take the free quiz to uncover your money archetype and better understand your patterns and behaviours with money.


Lets talk! 

Your first consultation is free